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About The World's Easiest Game:

Introducing to you a new animal friend named Queasy Cat that cannot stand the sight of a difficult question, The World Easyest Game takes you on a journey fulfilled with tricky questions. As the game says at the beginning of it, all the served questions are insanely easy but, if you think they are hard, then you won’t be able to solve them all. Prepare yourself for one of the most addicting Quiz video games ever!

In the gameplay, you will only have 9 lives and what you have to do to survive is obviously maintain them all until you successfully solve all the questions. The World Easyest Game also brings in the Timing system, which makes your gameplay even more challenging. You can count the time to your death or, try your best to solve the questions! Each time you dissolve a question, you will lose one live and your animal cat friend will react to it in a not very nice way, as he feels bad about it since he also loses a live with you, too.

Since the game is way too tricky, you might not get the right answer to the survival question, but still manage to make it to the next three questions. That’s what makes the gameplay ofThe World Easyest Game more enjoyable. If you don’t trust us, why don’t you find everything out on your own? We sure things will be very interesting and you will be diving deeply into the game world of The World Easyest Game soon. Have fun!


The World's Easiest Game Unblocked:

As the game is a hit, tons of players have requested to play it unlimitedly, that’s why The World Easyest Game Unblocked is here to satisfy everyone. You can find The World Easyest Game Unblocked at https://returnman3unblockedd.com, in which you can try many other games like The World Easyest Game Unblocked!


How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to tap on the answers in order to answer them.

Some questions require you to use the keyboard to enter the right answer.


Tips and tricks:

Follow what the question asks, if it asks you to wait, then wait.

Common Knowledge might help you to solve the common questions.


The World Easyest Game Walkthrough

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