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About Scary Maze Game

Simple but strong, this addictive game Scary Maze by Winterrowd is one of the most interesting games you have ever found on the internet. What is good about this game? Well, first let have a look at its gameplay, which requires you to control a dot going through a maze and get ahead to the Red area without touching the walls in the maze.

Sounds like an easy gameplay but wait, you will need to second guess the difficult level of this game as you advance in it. The mazes will become more and more complicating. In order to pass through them all, one of the tips for you is keep your eyes open and don’t you dare draw your attention to something else while you are playing.

Just one touch between you and the walls, your progress will be deleted immediately, which means you will be taken back to the very beginning of Scary Maze. Now maybe you understand why the game’s name is Scary Maze. The thrilling gameplay of this online Skill-based game will take your gaming experience to an entire new level. Now with that pack of information, you might have got what you need to enter the wonderful gameplay of Scary Maze, let’s toast!


Scary Maze Unblocked

There are tons of amazing elements in Scary Maze Unblocked. You will be amazed to find everything out on your own. You can start playing the game at the incredible gaming site https://returnman3unblockedd.com. This gaming site is also a place for a game lover. Let’s check it out now!


How to Play

Use the mouse cursor to control the mini dot going through the maze.


Tips and tricks

Always stay in the middle of the way in order not to touch the walls.

Turn up the sound to make the game even more challenging.


Scary Maze Walkthrough

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