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About Raft Wars 1:

Not a fight in a bloody battlefield, Raft Wars is a shooting game designed in a lovely colorful background with funny characters. The game is based on a story telling about a lucky boy named Simon. While playing on the beach, he discovered a treasure with gold and diamond, which changed his life. But the news of the treasure boy was also heard by the evil pirates far away. They are coming wave-by-wave for the treasure.

Your mission is to help Simon team up with his bros and fight against pirates. Your weapon is a nice gun and some kinds of bullet. To defeat a pirate, you can either shoot him until his blood bar runs out or make him fall off where he is standing. The game is totally controlled by your mouse, move it up and down to aim and drag it to choose the shooting strength properly.

During the game, you can earn credits by many ways. After finishing a level, you will receive 500 credits as an award. Besides, the less shot and time you use, the more bonus credits you get. These credits can be used to buy upgrades such as new kinds of bullet or to upgrade Simon’s teammates. Join Raft Wars now to defeat the pirates level-by-level and successfully protect Simon’s treasure from those pirates!


Raft Wars Unblocked

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How to play:

Drag your mouse to aim and choose the shooting strength.

Click your mouse to shoot.

Aim at the pirates and defeat all of them to finish a level.


Tips and tricks:

Notice that one shot not only can hit one pirate, but also can hit all of them when the bullet bounces.

Use the direction of your mouse of the previous shot to aim the next one.

The hippo may help you bounce your bullet away.


Raft Wars Walkthrough

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