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About Get On Top Game

You are bored with difficult, stressful games and want to spend time relaxing with your buddy in a simple 2-player game? Get On Top is definitely a great choice for you among 2-player skill games from Bennet Foddy (1). Get On Top’s design and content are incredibly simple with a wrestling theme. There is even no tutorial for you so you will have to discover the control key and the rule by yourself.

It’s a 2-player game so you should ask a friend to join the match with you as the left player or the right player. The control keys are generally based on arrow keys (for right player) or WAD keys (for left player) helping players jump, pull or push their opponents. The jump move can be useful in many case when you combine it with a push or pull move to make a strong push toward your opponent or pull him forward. Your opponent is knocked out when he is made to fall down and each worth 1 point. Whoever reaches 11 points first is the winner of the match!

Fight hard but wisely because if you don’t control your character nicely, you may get him knocked out by himself and that will be the funniest match ever. Jump into this match now to show off your muscle and knock out your buddy gently in Get On Top wrestling game!


Get On Top Unblocked

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How to Play

For the left player: Use WAD to jump, pull and push your opponent.

For the right player: Use up, right and left key to jump, pull and push your opponent.

Make your opponent fall down to win the game.


Tips and Tricks

Combine the jump move with left or right move to do a stronger push or pull. But be careful, such strong moves may get you fall off before your opponent.


Get On Top Walkthrough

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