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Draw My Thing 2 is a Drawing & Platform video game which is developed by OMGPop. This game offers a unique with the participation of many players around the world. If you are curious about the exciting gameplay of Draw My Thing 2, let’s find it out with us now!


About game:

If you are tired after such a long day and the world seems like an oasis to you, all you need now is a good Drawing& Platform video game which offers only simple elements like Draw My Thing 2. In the game, you will join a room with multiplayers just like you. The game brings in a secret word which is hidden. You and the other players will take turn to reveal this word!

What makes Draw My Thing 2 good is the free-to-draw rule in the game. You will be able to draw whatever you like on a blank paper and the other players will see it. You can obviously write out your answer frankly or have some fun drawing the other players’ attention away by bringing in some funny drawings. Draw My Thing 2 even allows the players in one room chat with each other. This game is famous for its powerful connection, which helps many players around the world stay connected to each other during the gameplay to have such a good time.

There are two kinds of rooms that you can select in Draw My Thing 2 such as Public and Private Room. While the Public Room allows you to enter the game immediately using a username, the Private room requires you to have a room code to enter. You can also manage the rooms in the Lobby options. Now, let’s chill out with the gameplay of Draw My Thing 2, when you will have a lot of smiles and be able to say goodbye to your sorrow! You should grab some snacks, turn your device on and stick with Draw My Thing 2 right away and your pressure won’t be haunting you anymore!


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How to play:

Use the computer Mouse cursor to draw on the blank paper, take your turn.


Tips and tricks:

When you find out what the secret word is before the other players, try to distract them by giving fake clues.

Ask your friends to come and play with you to have even more fun with the gameplay of Draw My Thing 2.

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