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About  Bullet Force Game:

Amazing falls to explain the Shooter game Bullet Force since it’s even more than that. Developed by Blazey Games, Bullet Force centers on Shooting, Guns and Battle elements. The game allows you to play as guest or login in with an account in order to make further options.

Bullet Force supports the Multiplayer mode, which means you can have chance experiencing the game with the other players from all around the world. Stay connected and chill out with your teammates. You can choose Quick Play if you want a sneak peak or Join match in case you want to start the battle immediately.

Guns in Bullet Force

 Some guns in Bullet Force 

Besides, it’s up to you to create a new match or not since it requires your experiences. From a first person perspective, you will explore the high graphic game world of Bullet Force. The game equips you with powerful weapons such as Guns, Bombs and even more. In a match, you and your teammates will be fighting against the other teams.

You can locate yourself on the mini map that lies on the upper left corner of the screen. In a match of dead or alive, you can only follow your instinct if you want to stay alive. That’s what Bullet Force teaches you.

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Press A to turn left.
  • Press W to go forward.
  • Press D to turn right.
  • Press S to go back.
  • Press P to pause the gameplay.
  • Press ESC to get out of the game screen.

Tips and tricks:

Once you see no signal on the mini map, try to move out of the location you are in.

Lean on a wall to protect yourself from the enemies that stand behind you.

The shop is where you can buy Cases with massive Upgrades.

Bullet Force Unblocked:

You can now discover the unblocked version of Bullet Force on Freegames66.com. This site is the source of millions games like Bullet Force. Come and have yourself the wonderful play time!


Bullet Force Walkthrough

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