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Return Man 3

Return Man 3 is the third part of a very popular series game named return man. This game was developed by MiniMonsterMedia and quickly became a favorite game of many people in the world. It may say that return man 3 is the most popular part of this series game.

In return man 3, your mission is to run the ball into the end zone. You will have to catch the ball in the yellow circle and run to the end zone for a touchdown. To run the ball into the end zone, you have to pass many opponents, but don't worry, your teammates will help you block tackles. In addition, there are some power-ups can help you such as a temporary speed boost, Juke, Front Flip, and Ankle Breaker.

There are total 15 stages which you have to pass to win the game and to play in each stage, you also have to unlock them. In addition, sometimes you also play on an icy area and it is a bit more difficult than the normal areas. But don't worry, in those case, it is the chance for you to unlock new blockers costumes and special moves.

How to play Return Man 3

You use the button I-J-K-L or the arrow keys to move your character.

Use button A-S-D to use your special move after it is unblocked.

Return Man 3 hacked, tips and tricks

You should stay close to your blockers because they can help you bounce or tackle the nearby defenders.

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Return Man 3 unblocked, how to play?

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Return Man 3 Unblocked Walkthrough

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