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Developed by Mini Monster Media, Return Man is an addictive Sports video game, which can be considered a slice of the American Football. The game put the player into an American Football match with lots of amazing contents that only can be discovered by experiencing the gameplay. Are you curious about Return Man 2, let’s find it out with us now!


About game:

How many times have you participated in a match of American Football? From now, you can play this Sports unlimitedly in the Sports video game Return Man 2. We’re sure that this is the first time you are put into a quarterback and your mission is guiding your teammates through a seires different challenge in order to reach the ending of the field.

By the time you reach the part of the field which is marked with the logo of the publisher ESPN Arcade then you are successful scoring a touchdown. There will be 4 members in your team including yourself. The other three members will be controlled by the computer and they will follow your action. You have to support them in order to pass through the Defenders. You and your teammates will be dressed in Red costumes while the Defender will be wearing Black.

As the gameplay starts, the will be a ball thrown at you so you can catch. From this point, you must try your best to run fast and don’t forget to collect the Power Up on your way to be more stable compared to the the Defenders. The game provides you with four possessions at the beginning and each time when you get tackled, you will lose one possession. There will be a set of various stages in Return Man 2, each stage is filled with at least 2 levels.

As you advance in the game, the higher and harder stages will be unlocked to make your game be more challenging. Return Man 3 with gorgeous Graphics and excellent Gameplay will bring something new and fun to your device, let’s check it out!


Return Man 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control you character. Otherwise, you can replace the arrow keys with I J K and L keys.

Press A S and D to perform special moves.


Tips and tricks:

Don’t leave your teammates behind you and think that you are a Hero facing all the defenders on your own. Even with the help of the Power Up, you can only make it through one Defender since you are holding the ball.

Once you run out of the field, your game will be over.


Return Man 2 Walkthrough

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