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Return Man is a Sport video game which based on the American Football. The game is published by ESPN Arcade after fully developed by Mini Monster Media. Following the success of Return Man, the expansions have been made to satisfy the huge fandoms of the series around the world. Promising you with an addictive gameplay, Return Man will make the most of your day. Let’s find out about this amazing video game with us now!


About game:

If you have heard about American Football, then you may know that this famous Sports game has millions of gaming adaptions that simulate the original gameplay of it. Believe us or not, Return Man is one of the most famous Sport video game that is adapted to the American Football.

In this game, you will be put in the position where you are able to catch the punt. As you may know, next step after this thrilling action is racing down the field to return the punt for a touchdown. There are many obstacles that will try to steal your victory such as the defenders and the kicker. Return Man will give you four possessions that represented by the ball icons.

Possessions and Power ups in Return Man

Possessions and Power ups in Return Man 

Once you lose the game to your enemies, you will lose one possession. Ignoring the fact that Return Man won’t let you gain back any possession, we can proudly indicate that the game provides you with Power Ups that you can collect while running to the end zone. The game even allows you to unlock the Special Moves as you advance in it. These Special Moves will be your unbeaten weapons, so you can easily score your points. With your teammates, your game will be even more fun and enjoyable.

The game might be challenging, but we know that a challenge-acceptor like you won’t hesitate to take all the hardest levels. Now if the above information is able to help you, let’s kick off the superb gameplay of Return Man to see how far you can reach!


Return Man Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press I to run forward.

Press J to run to the left.

Press L to run to the right.

Press Spacebar to continue the game.

Press M to mute the sound.


Tips and tricks:

Your teammates will protect you from the upcoming enemies, stay by their sides to maintain safety.

Without the Power Up, you will be taken down after just one touch, be careful!


Return Man Walkthrough

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